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School Improvement Plans - Measure A1

Over the past two years, the NVUSD team has visited and carefully examined every school site to determine improvement needs and priorities. The following school plans have been developed to provide the community with transparent information on the benefits of passing A1 in each school community. Even our newest campuses will benefit from updating technology to support our innovative learning environments.


Click on the school name below to view the school's planned improvements if Napa voters pass Measure A1. 


Alta Heights Elementary

Bel Aire Park Magnet Elementary

Browns Valley Elementary

McPherson Elementary

Napa Valley Language Academy

Northwood Elementary

Phillips Magnet Elementary 

Pueblo Vista Elementary

Shearer Elementary

Snow Elementary

Stone Bridge School

Vichy Elementary

West Park Elementary

Willow Elementary


Redwood Middle School

Silverado Middle School 

Unidos Middle School


Napa High School

New Technology High School

Valley Oak High School

Vintage High School

Take a quick look at some of the improvements needed at Browns Valley Elementary

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