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To upgrade Napa schools to meet safety/academic standards, fix deteriorating roofs, plumbing/ electrical systems, remove hazardous materials including asbestos/ lead pipes; construct, repair, upgrade, and acquire classrooms, labs, facilities/equipment to support student achievement in science, math, technology, and skilled trades, shall Napa Valley Unified School District School Facilities Improvement District No. 1 (Napa Area)’s measure authorizing $200,000,000 in bonds at legal rates be adopted, levying 2 cents/$100 assessed value ($14,000,000annually) while bonds are outstanding, with independent citizen oversight and all money staying in Napa?


Measure A1 is about one thing: Improving the quality of education in our schools in Napa proper.


While there have been significant improvements in Napa area schools over the past few years, the fact remains most schools were built over 60 years ago and lack adequate classrooms and educational facilities to support quality instruction in math, science, and engineering.  Classrooms need updating. Heating, ventilation, and electrical systems need replacement. 


After extensive research and public input, it was determined that local voters wanted funds raised for school improvements to be designated for specific, critically needed projects. Voters also wanted all funds raised staying locally to benefit local children. 


Accordingly, two measures are on the ballot: A1 benefiting Napa area schools, and A2 benefiting American Canyon schools. Napa area voters will only vote on A1, guaranteeing all funds raised in Napa for school improvements stay in the local community to benefit Napa children. 


Measure A1 will address the most pressing needs of Napa schools. 

  • Provide classrooms, facilities, technology needed to support high-quality instruction in math, science, engineering, and technology.

  • Provide labs and equipment for instruction so students are prepared for college and in-demand jobs.

  • Remove hazardous materials like asbestos and lead paint from school sites.

  • Update older school facilities to meet the same academic, safety standards of newer schools.

  • Repair/replace worn-out roofs, walkways, lighting, plumbing, and electrical systems.

  • Playfields, play structures and playgrounds which serve the entire community will be renovated for safety. 


Safe, quality schools protect property values. 


Napa students deserve the same educational opportunities as others in the region. Measure A1 will improve the quality of education in Napa schools.


No money can be taken by the state or used for other purposes. No funds will be used to pay for salaries or administrators.  


Jack Gray

Founder, Napa County Taxpayers Association


Leon Brauning, 

Founder and Past President, Napa County Taxpayers Association


Barbara L. Franco

Retired Napa High School Principal


Elba Gonzalez-Mares

NVUSD Board of Education Trustee


Liz Alessio

Napa City Council Member

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