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School Measures A1 and A2 are about improving the quality of education in our local Napa and American Canyon schools. 


After extensive research and public input, it was determined that local voters wanted funds raised for school improvements to be designated for specific, critically needed projects. Voters also wanted all funds raised to stay locally to benefit local children. 


Accordingly, two measures are on the ballot: Measure A1 benefiting Napa area schools, and Measure A2 benefiting American Canyon schools. Napa area voters will only vote on A1 and American Canyon voters will only vote on A2.

Review facts and figures regarding the current state of our NVUSD schools. 

Be a part of the future of NVUSD by supporting our campaign efforts.

Sign up to volunteer, post a lawn sign and endorse our efforts. 

All students in Napa will benefit if Measure A1 passes - review our plans by school.

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